How To Organize A Chest Freezer

I was going to buy these awesome milk crates because i heard great reviews about using them in chest freezers.

How to organize a chest freezer. I have all. We will use it when we work on the freezer. So there are several ways to go about organizing a chest freezer with the general idea being to either use some sort of bag or box to keep like items together.

The freezer in the garage is a mess. The color coding sounds like a really good idea. How to organize a chest freezer.

To organize your chest freezer use large storage bins or dividers to separate different types of food. I started by measuring the inside of my freezer to make sure i knew how many bins would fit front to back side to side and how many i could stack on top of each other without running into the blue bins that came with the freezer. You can also use smaller storage containers to hold loose items.

We need to defrost and organize before the garden starts producing. I emptied the whole thing out defrosted it and gave it a good cleaning inside and out. It s not restrained by very many compartments so you can fit anything and everything inside it but you haven t got built in.

My chest freezer was impossible to keep organized. But instead of just throwing everything back in helter skelter i decided to get organized. Either way put heavier frozen goods on the bottom and more frequently used items on top for easy access.

Our other freezer is a little more organized. I m telling you chest freezers may hold a lot of food but they are beyond difficult to organize. Yep mine did too until yesterday.

Here are the 5 ways to organize a chest freezer. You still have to stack things on top of each other but with these organization methods it s much easier to move the top layer to get to the food below. Having multiple bins of roasts.

By erin huffstetler 01 28 2013 7 comments. The second level of bins will have smaller items or items you access more frequently. It s big which means you can store loads in it but you can also lose a lot in it as well.

I figured the most useful way to organize a chest freezer would be to put like items together into small bins that could easily be stacked and unstacked. It is not organized at all and needs defrosting. If you have 2 bins filled with the same things stack one on top of the other and use up the top bin.

Then add another level of bins that stack on top of those. Group your frozen food in categories such as ground meats frozen veggies prepped freezer meals or jars of homemade soup or broth. We have 2 chest freezers and 1 upright.

How to organize a chest freezer 1. I recommend using chest freezer dividers or large bins in the bottom of the chest freezer to hold the things that aren t accessed frequently big items like large cuts of meat and duplicate items if needed think. If you own a chest freezer i m betting the inside of yours looks something like this.

Create categories that make sense to you. Find boxes crates or reusable shopping bags that will work with the particular size of freezer you have. This post may contain affiliate links.

The inherent problem with chest freezers is that everything gets piled on everything else. I also measured inside the blue bins because it never hurts to have even more organization options. Although a chest freezer is a great asset in any home the very reasons why it s so good are the things that can make it a liability if not used properly.

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